The Bakery

For three generations we produce the typical Sardinian bread: the Pane Carasau. Our philosophy is contained in a few words... "History and traditions at the service of quality"

We have been in the market for over thirty years and thanks to continuous investments and innovation in production, our company is constantly growing

Despite the inevitable technological progress, necessary for constant industrial production, we are able to maintain the characteristics of the "Pane Carasau" of the past. The defense of the typical flavors of our territory and the respect for local traditions, represent our point of reference that we constantly follow.

Our company pays particular attention to quality standards, which is why we strongly wanted and obtained the IFS (International Featured Standard for FOOD) Certification IFS Certification (International Featured Standard for FOOD) which guarantees the consumer the maximum safety and reliability of our products and allows us to better respond to the needs of the Italian and abroad market.


We love


Sacrifices and perseverance always pay off…

At the Sardinia Food Awards 2022 our company triumphed for the best carasau and guttiau bread and for the best packaging in the bread category.

Thanks to our staff, those who have chosen us and those who will choose us…


Our production of Pane Carasau is divided into Classico, Guttiau, Integrale (whole wheat) and Tipo Grosso (thick type), which we pack in various formats ranging from round type, designed for families, to the practical and compact segment, ideal for a snack. Now you can buy our products online and receive them comfortably at home.
  • Classic Pane Carasau Bread of Irgoli - Nuoro - Sardinia

    Classic Pane Carasau bread of Irgoli (NU) - Sardinia

  • Pane Guttiau of Irgoli - Nuoro - Sardinia

    Pane Carasau Guttiau of Irgoli (NU) - Sardinia

  • pane carasau Whole wheat of Irgoli - Nuoro - Sardinia

    Whole wheat Pane Carasau of Irgoli (NU) - Sardinia

  • Pane Carasau Thick type of Irgoli - Nuoro - Sardinia
    Tipo Grosso

    Thick type Pane Carasau of Irgoli (NU) - Sardinia

  • Pane Carasau Snack of Irgoli - Nuoro - Sardegna
    Pane Carasau Snack

    Convenient packs to always carry with you

  • Pane Carasau Snack of Irgoli - Nuoro - Sardegna
    Pane Guttiau Snack

    Practical single portions to enjoy anywhere and at any time!

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